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Very simple and fast 4 steps to make your sending easier and faster! Rich and diverse freight service resources allow you to choose, with more favorable prices and high-quality service!



Based on the order requests, we provide the quote to you through the system. You can compare quotes for difference solutions and choose the most suitable service for you.


Select Service

We help you choose the best service and complete the shipping documents. If you are not sure about the service details or whether the service is suitable for you, please contact the customer service in advance or submit a ticket for consultation.


Pay & Print Order

After the order is created and associated fees are paid, it’s time to prepare the goods and do the labelling before arranging for pickups. The warehouse will print out the labels and check every packaging before scheduling a pickup.


Pickup & Ship

Once the pickup is scheduled, the warehouse will hand the goods over to the carriers on your behalf and complete the outbound procedure. Then you can track your shipment online and get the updates accordingly.

Our Superiority

Thank you for choosing We partner with the most reliable and qualified custom brokers and carriers. No matter what you sell, we can do the fulfilment for you. Our 7/24 customer service will be at your service.

Cooperation with the world's top carriers

Cooperate with Canada Post, UPS, DHL, FedEx, Purolator and other leading carriers in Canada and worldwide. All waybills can be tracked on the official website. We offer the best rate for oversea warehouse fulfilment and pick & pack, ensuring that our customers always get the best deal.

Provide Canada - Global two-way special rates

Provide Canada - Global two-way service, and all lines are provided with super value special prices. Any order can be shipped and picked up worldwide. Global air service and domestic truck service meet your letter, parcel, pallet, and other different forms of transportation needs.

Achieve one key price comparison for multiple carriers

With the help of the most advanced cloud freight forwarding service technology, one-click quote results are displayed in real-time, and the realization of price comparison among multiple channels automatically recommends the most cost-effective business for you.

Free registration for easy shipping

Free registration, self-service for shipping and booking pick-up, all goods will be handled carefully to meet the maximum protection of customer privacy and cargo security. The system supports real-time API docking so that customers and online customers can freely integrate their website with us.

Covers the shipping, tracking, accounting and other functions

One station to achieve quoting, shipping, booking, tracking, historical order query and other services, the system comes with a powerful financial bill statistics function to help small and medium-sized enterprise customers with the lowest cost to solve freight, storage, e-commerce and other supply chain problems.

24/7 professional customer service

We provide Chinese and English bilingual customer service, support email, phone, ticket system and exclusive WeChat customer service group to ensure that you can get the fastest answer if any problems occur. We have professional customer service if at any given time you have questions,comments,or suggestions.

Courier Services

We partner with reliable couriers to provide our clients the best logistic solution.

Why Choose

We are a one-stop Global Shipping Platform, a world-class shipping platform, friendly UI, intuitive information output, convenient operation experience, thoughtful professional service and so on.

Easy Registration

Customers only need to fill in email and other relevant information on the web page to register as a member;

Intuitive Quote

Enter the package information into the quote function to intuitively understand the estimated quotation of major carriers for selection;

Comfortable Operation

The UI is beautiful and easy to operate. Whether you use mobile phone, computer or tablet, it is very comfortable, intuitive and friendly;

Fast Feedback

System provides the "Submit a Ticket" function. Customers can feed back their needs through the ticket at any time, and the customer experience is excellent;

Perfect Fund Flow

System provides special fund account management, which can clearly and intuitively understand the fund flow;



Frequently Asked Questions

It doesn't matter if there are any problems. The important thing is that we are here at any time and solve them for you immediately!

How to Create a shipment?

You can use the "inquiry" function to enter simple Waybill Information, and then select the most suitable service according to the freight services listed in the system. You can also directly "create waybill" to select the freight service you want.

How to Pay a shipment?

After you fill in the waybill information and submit it, you will see the payment button. You can choose Visa/Mastercard, Alipay, or WeChat online payment. You can also recharge first and pay the waybill with the balance of your cash account.

How to Print a shipment?

After the waybill is paid successfully, you will see the "print face bill" button in the lower right corner of the corresponding waybill. You can preview before printing to ensure that the information is correct.

How to Edit or Cancel a shipment?

In the "waybill list", you can see all historical waybills. You can edit an uncommitted waybill or cancel an unused waybill.

Where is the refund details after cancelling a shipment?

You can see the review status of the cancelled waybill in the waybill list -> cancelled. If "Cancelled & Refunded" is displayed, it means that the refund has been successful. The refund method is consistent with the payment method. You can view the revenue and expenditure details in "My Account" -> "Billing". Please note that bank refunds may be delayed.

How to Schedule a pickup?

You can make a free online appointment for the freight forwarder to pick up the goods through "make an appointment for door-to-door pick-up" in the menu bar on the left. Please fill in the pick-up address and package information accurately. After submission, you will see the confirmation code of successful reservation. Please make an appointment one day in advance. The freight forwarder may charge a certain fee for making an appointment to pick up the goods on the same day.

How to Cancel a scheduled pickup?

Click the "appointment door-to-door pick-up list" in the left menu bar to see the door-to-door pick-up information that has been successfully reserved, and the "Cancel" button is in the lower right corner of each information.

How to Track a shipment?

You can query logistics in several places: 1) log in to account to query; 2) Check the official website of Canada Post, ups and DHL; 3) The Canada Post Xpresspost international waybill can also be queried on the official website of the destination country post.

How to use the address-book?

The system will automatically save each new address to your address book, so that you can directly select the recipient information from the address book when making orders next time. Click "address book" in the left menu bar to View/Edit/Delete all saved addresses.

How to process the errors when appearing "Failed: Duplicated transaction" when you paying a shipment?

In order to prevent repeated payment, credit card companies cannot pay multiple orders of the same amount in a short time. You can wait a few minutes and try again, or you can recharge a certain amount to your account and then pay the waybill with the account balance.

How to process the errors when you submitting a shipment?

Please follow the prompts to check whether you accidentally enter error information, such as the zip code does not match the City/Province, the Weight/Size exceeds the maximum limit, etc. If "service XXX is not available" appears when selecting Canada Post Service, please find the optional service types in the destination country in the link:

How to file a claim if the package is delayed, damaged or lost?

You can submit the corresponding claim application in the menu bar "submit claim" on the left side of the system. Please fill in the quantity and value of the declared items truthfully and upload valid vouchers to facilitate us to assist you in completing the claim. The refund or compensation will be returned to your account after we verify with the freight forwarder.

Where can I check the contraband in the destination country?

When you select the destination country, a line of small blue characters will appear at the bottom. Click to view the list of contraband and restricted products in the corresponding country. This information is published on the official website of each freight forwarder, and the specific details can also be viewed on the website of the freight forwarder.

How to View/Export/Print invoices?

Click "My Account" -> "Billing" in the left menu bar to export excel bill details by month or print PDF bill. Please note that bills will not be issued for months that have not yet passed.

Help & Inquiry

Our dedicated customer service team is always here to help.