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UPS Canada (Armenia)

Additional Import Documentation
Goods under IATA Special Provisions A67 require a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).

It is not required for all, however shipments can be held by local authority in United Arab Emirates after screening due to lack of MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) or NON DG (Dangerous Goods) declaration letter from the shipper resulting to misconnections and impacting end-to-end service.

It would be advisable for all shipments originating, transiting and terminating for UAE to have MSDS or NON DG declaration from shipper enclosed in the shipment and copies to be uploaded in IDIS.

Additional Export Documentation
No Information found on this topic for the selected country or territory.
Additional Clearance Information
Customs regulations of the Republic of Armenia are as follows:

  • Non-document shipments that are addressed to an individual, weigh less than 30 kg, and a value, in compliance with the invoice below 200.000 AMD (approx US$420.00), are not liable to Customs hold. This is a monthly amount.

  • Non-document shipments addressed to a juridical person within a company, firm, or organization can be held by Customs, regardless of the weight and value.
  • Service is only provided to Yerevan where there is door-to-door delivery. If a package is received in Armenia addressed to a location outside Yerevan, the consignee is contacted to arrange pick up in Yerevan.
    Please note that not only the value(s) of the commodity/commodities have to be considered when calculating duty and tax, but also the freight charge and other fees.
    UPS cannot deliver to a P.O. Box address. All packages require a consignee's contact name and complete street address including apartment, suite or unit number if applicable. The consignee's telephone number should be provided if known.

    Areas Served
    Service is provided to and from the city of Yerevan.

    There is also limited service provided by the UPS ASC outside of Yerevan, up to a distance of approximately 30 kms. If any package or letter is received further away than this, the UPS ASC contacts the customer and makes arrangements.

    U.S. Shippers Only - This country or territory has been identified as a high security risk. Only "known" shippers can ship to this country or territory. A list of known shippers is provided at UPS's Flight Guardian application. Known shippers must pay for the transportation charges ("prepaid" billing option).

    Shipments to this country or territory tendered to UPS by "unknown" shippers will be evaluated by UPS Security and may be returned to sender."

    UPS cannot deliver to a P.O. Box address. All packages require a consignee's contact name and complete street address including apartment, suite or unit number if applicable. The consignee's telephone number should be provided if known.

    Saturday, Sunday, and official holidays.
    Spring +0400/ Fall +0400
    Armenian, Russian
    Armenian Dram(AMD), US Dollar(USD)
    Billing Options
    • Shipping charges can be billed to the shipper, receiver or a third party.
    • When billing the receiver, either the shipper or receiver's account number is required.
    • When billing a third party, the third party's name, country or territory and account number are required.
    • Duties and taxes can only be billed to the receiver.
    • Please note the following third party billing exceptions:
      • Shipments to and from the same country or territory (domestic shipments) cannot be billed to third party payors in other countries or territories. For example, shipments from Mexico to Mexico or Canada to Canada cannot be billed to a third party payor in the U.S.
    • When paying by credit card, check, or cash, only the shipper can be billed the shipping charges
    Commodity Specific Stipulations

    There are special stipulations on the following commodities when shipping to Armenia. If you plan to ship one of the commodities listed below, be sure to adhere to the following stipulations in order to avoid delays and holds at customs.

    Shipments of chewing gum for resale requires a Certificate of Russian Testing (ROSTEST).
    Shipments of coffee for resale requires a Certificate of Russian Testing (ROSTEST). Green coffee requires a Phytosanitary Certification.
    Shipments of computers and computer parts require an Import License.
    Shipments of cosmetics require an Import License.
    Data shipments to Armenia require an invoice with the value of the CD-ROM or disk only.
    Shipments of machine parts will require an Import License.
    Shipments of microfilm and microfiche require an Import License.
    Shipments of negatives require an Import License.
    The invoice must include a description of the part, the type of machine for which the part will be used, and a list of the part's components.
    Shipments of smoked salmon require a Veterinary Certificate.
    Shipments of tapes (computer recorded and audio/video/magnetic) require an Import License.
    Shipments of textiles require an Import License.
    Data shipments require an invoice with the character of the USB stick (storing intercompany data) and the value of the USB Stick.
    Shipments of veterinary products require an Import License.
    Shipments of vitamins require an Import License.
    Gift Exemptions
    0.00 US Dollar USD
    no gift exemption
    no gift exemption
    Invoice Requirements
    Non-document shipments to Armenia must include 1 original and 2 copies of an invoice.

    Shipments of documents do not require an invoice.

    The consignee's telephone number must appear on the invoice, along with mobile number and e/mail address if available.

    Items Classified as Documents

    The destination country or territory considers the following items document shipments. If criteria are listed, the shipment must meet those criteria to be considered a document shipment.

    Books are classified as documents if not for resale.
    Shipments of blank checks, cancelled checks, payroll and personal checks are classified as documents.
    Shipments of 10 or fewer diaries are classified as documents.
    Document Limit-20 Kgs
    Magazines being shipped for non-commercial purposes are classified as documents.
    Shipments of manuscripts require an import license.
    Periodicals not for resale are classified as document shipments.

    UPS can recommend which forms you need based on a few simple criteria. Forms can be completed online or printed. See which forms you need.
    Prohibited or Restricted Commodities

    In addition to the prohibited commodities listed here, it is prohibited to ship the following commodities to Armenia.

    Shipments of Cigarettes are prohibited
    Promotional and/or training films are accepted as non-document shipments and require an invoice. Commercial films are prohibited.
    Non-perishable food items are prohibited.
    Personal Effects cannot be shipped between these countries or territories.
    Saturday Delivery Available

    Saturday Delivery Available: No

    Service Options

    Always check Calculate Time and Cost for details of service availability and guarantee information within a country or territory. All Service Levels may not be available to or from every address within a country or territory.

    • UPS Worldwide Expedited
    • UPS Worldwide Express
    • UPS Worldwide Express Plus
    • UPS Worldwide Express Saver
    Special Clearance Requirements
    The invoice must include both the value of the commodity before the repair and the cost of the repair.
    The invoice must include a description of the sample and indicate if the sample is marked or mutilated.
    New requirements have been implemented for small package shipments and are based on the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM) 15, which is entitled "Guidelines for Regulating Wood Packaging Material in International Trade". ISPM 15 was adopted internationally in 2002, and is gradually being introduced by countries or territories worldwide. Wood or wood products covered by ISPM 15 include items such as packing cases, boxes, crates, drums or similar packing, pallets, box pallets and other load boards, pallet collars and skids, but exclude such processed woods as orientated strand board, particle board, plywood or veneer, created using glue, heat and pressure or a combinations thereof, and, raw wood which is 6mm or less thick. It is recommended that if a question arises on this issue, please check with the authority that issues the Phytosanitary certificates in your country or territory.
    Value Limits

    Private Shipments

  • 200.00 Armenian Dram (AMD)
    • A shipment for a private person is not subject to formal customs declarations when its value does not exceed 200,000 AMD (approx US$420.00) and the weight does not exceed 30kg. No duty and VAT apply.

      The deminimis threshold is valid for all imports for a private person within 1 month via express services. The last shipment imported within this stretch of time is subject to formal entry clearance and payment of import fees if the added value of all shipments exceeds the threshold.

      For private persons in Armenia, there is a 4000 AMD fee for writing the application to customs house to receive the package of the private individual.

    Commercial Shipments

  • 0.00 US Dollar (USD)
    • All non-document shipments may be assessed duty or tax or both regardless of the shipment value.

    Weight and Size Limits
    31.50 kg (69.4 lbs.)  per package
    274.00 cm (107.9 in.)  per package
    419 cm (165 in. ) per package
    Length and girth combined

    Convert metric quantity for weight, length, and area.